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Happening Now

Chasco Fiesta Mobil Mural Show

Come See what our wonderful local artist have created!

  • PFAC Art Annual in February 19th to March 22nd 2024

    • "Off the Beaten Path"

  • Soup-er Bowl

    • Fundraiser​

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Classes and Events

Exhibition Opportunities

PFAC is proud to offer many exhibition opportunities for artists practicing throughout the region. PFAC West, AKA the grove gallery, sports a mini rail system that comfortably hangs shows of 80 + pieces. Our gallery takes 30% commission on all sales, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

We have the ability to host receptions as well, although we do ask that all artists who are interested in having a reception provide food, drink, and assistance with set up and clean up if needed. 

Priority is given to artists who are willing to engage (through workshops or discussions) with our community in addition to exhibiting work. 

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