Joseph Weinzettle

November 4 - December 17. Joseph's Artist Statement is below.

My work interprets contemporary Florida with historical materials. I work in oils, bamboo brush and ink, silverpoint on gesso panels. I'm interested in tangible qualities that emphasize the nature of the materials while revealing the artist's hand.
My panels are completed en plein air. The site locations in my work are throughout Pinellas County, FL. The sites are natural, urban and industrial. The are places a local would know, and would pass by on foot. Even the swamps are small tracts between residential and commercial development.
A sitting lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. A painting may take weeks to months to complete depending on scale and complexity. Occassionally I will re-visit a painting the following year, when the surface is again workable.
The underdrawing and painting are layered responses the site conditions. Due to changes over time on site, the underdrawn and painted layers are often contradictory. This is part of the process, the organic nature of working en plein air. I want the viewer to share in the experience on site.