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susan c weber





Oils, Watercolor, Acrylics


About the Artist

I was born in Buffalo, NY which is where I received my degree in Commercial Art. My experience in Fine Art was a result of strong interest at an early age. I am mainly self-taught with the benefit of workshops with various artists in every painting medium. After 13 years of owning Gala Gallery, I moved my studio to my home in Bennington NY. My husband and I later established a home in Hudson Florida where I set up a studio as well. Our daily view of the Gulf of Mexico provides plenty of inspiration which is reflected in my work. I enjoy working in oils, watercolor and acrylics ranging in size 1x2 inches to 10x30 feet. As a member of many art organizations in Western NY, I have conducted workshops for adults and children, chaired numerous regional and international art exhibits and sponsored many other artists through my own gallery. Currently I have begun establishing connections with art organizations in Florida as well.

General Location: 

Hudson FL / Bennington NY

Available for:  

Art for sale

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