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About PFAC


The Pasco Fine Arts Council, Inc. is dedicated to providing art education and cultural opportunities to all the residents of Pasco County.  We accomplish this through our incredible cadre of Board Members, Partners, Supporters, Friends, Instructors, and an outstanding list of Volunteers.  Together they provide an amazing list of opportunities:

  • Adult Art Education Classes in various mediums.  See class schedules

  • Children's Summer Art Classes

  • Outreach programs for children and adults

  • Opportunities for Artist's Exhibitions

  • Art Competitions 

  • Art library and local artist's Gift Shop

  • Cultural events throughout Pasco County

  • Art critiques with Suzanna Natzke

Questions? Contact us at


Meet the Pasco Fine Arts Council Interim Director: Andrea Monge

 The Director maintains a visible presence in guiding the overall strategic thinking, partnerships, program and policy development, and oversight of the Center's visual and performing arts programs and facilities, including the Pasco Fine Arts Council.  She holds an BA from the University of South Florida

Did you Know?

When you purchase a "State of the Arts" specialty license plate in Pasco County, FL, The Pasco Fine Arts Council receives a portion of the fee. We hope that you will keep us in mind when you are renewing your car's yearly registration. Thank you!

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