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Art Happens Here!

Closed for a Private Event 6/26-6/30

Closed for Holiday 7/1-7/7


We are located in what was the Grove Park Community Center center. 

We are behind the Sam's club on trouble creek and US 19

4145 Fairford Dr

New Port Richey, FL 34652


We have classes through out the week please click on Classes for that schedule. 

Our Gallery and Gift Shop hours are

Tuesday & Thursday 10am-1pm

We will be adding more evening hours soon!

Email to make an appointment for off hours!


Our mission is to provide cultural resources to the community and to encourage the knowledge and appreciation of all art forms. As a nonprofit organization, Pasco Fine Arts Council strives to enrich the lives of people throughout Pasco County. 

Over the Past  several years we have served our citizens and it's visitors and patrons through arts involvement opportunities for all ages.  Our impact has been to bring people, education and the arts together.    

Please join us!


Call to Artist!

Call to Artist_edited.jpg

Creative Pinellas is excited to manage the Artist Call on behalf of The Tampa Bay Rays for “The Rays Artist Series,” with the goal of selecting six Tampa Bay and surrounding area artists to create a welcoming art gallery experience for fans at Tropicana Field. The Rays Artist Series supports Artists to become part of the Rays artistic family.

Art Goals: This project ensures an inviting first impression for all those traveling to Tropicana Field. Art will be created by Artists living and working in the counties where Rays fans live. The selected artworks will be shown in a gallery space in the main concourse of the ballpark.

Each Artist chosen for this project will create an original work around a sports theme that will be reproduced with the Rays on a large scale (typically 72” x 72”) canvas. The application will list the themes. Past themes have included Jackie Robinson and the Rays; Pride and the Rays; Roberto Clemente and the Rays; and more.

Artists are invited to think of all the creative ways that the themes may be depicted, including artwork that goes beyond depicting players in a literal manner.

After Artists are selected, the Rays will work directly with the Artists to develop their artwork and to ensure it is successfully transferred into the final print version.


Nationally and Internationally recognized artist, Don Taylor, will conduct a three-day Plein Air Workshop at The Hacienda. Don is a Signature Member of more than 20 Watercolor/Art Societies in the US and will bring his talents to the New Port Richey community. The program will run three days from 9 am until 3:00 pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
May 3, 4, and 5 — 9 am to 3 pm
Presented by the West Pasco Art Guild

Fee  for all 3 days
WPAG Members: $100 — Guests $110
Register at
Pay with check or cash (exact amount please)
or Register and pay by credit card at
and click the Pay for Workshops Tab
You are considered registered when payment has been received.

Sunday 4/7/2024

Annual Show

12 noon to 2pm


CALL TO ARTISTS: Crafting Play


Exhibition Dates: May 17–July 6, 2024

Submission Deadline: April 19, 2024


VISION: Florida CraftArt is excited to announce an open call for submissions for our upcoming exhibition, Crafting Play. We invite talented artists working in craft mediums or techniques to explore the intersection of craft and games, presenting unique perspectives and artistic expressions inspired by the world of games.

No one can deny the visual appeal of games. Whether it be the engulfing sweep of green offered by a baseball diamond, the graphic simplicity of Go, the folksy charm of carnival games, or the visual feast of intricately crafted Mahjong tiles. Games teach us problem-solving, decision making, cooperation, and social skills.  They have been proven to improve creativity, motivation, and memory. Games are teaching tools, help us build better relationships, and relieve stress. But we have been attracted to games since ancient times because they are fun! Humans began to craft games in the Bronze Age, nearly 7,000 years ago. In those ancient times they were often imbued with mythic and spiritual significance. Since then, they have played an integral part of all cultures, creating a common playing field for our shared human experience.


Link to apply: Crafting Play CALL TO ARTISTS - Florida CraftArt

Lillian Getgen

Gallery Assistant Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

(727) 821-7391



Exhibition Dates: July 11–August 24, 2024

Submission Deadline: June 7, 2024

VISION: Calling all talented craft artists! Florida CraftArt is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and vision in our upcoming exhibition, HEROES.

Whether you are captivated by legendary figures from mythology, fascinated by everyday heroes in our communities, or inspired by personal tales of resilience and triumph, we invite you to contribute your unique perspective to this dynamic exhibition.

While the traditional image of a hero often involves capes and extraordinary powers, real-life heroes encompass a wide range of individuals who exhibit exceptional courage, resilience, and altruism. There are the classic heroes of mythology, literature, and pop culture, figures like Hercules or Wonder Woman, who symbolize the triumph of good over evil and inspire us to aspire to higher ideals. On a more tangible level, everyday heroes emerge from our communities. Firefighters, police officers, and healthcare workers exemplify the courage to confront danger and protect others. Their commitment to public service highlights the importance of selflessness and empathy, showcasing the heroism that exists within ordinary individuals. Moreover, unsung heroes such as teachers, parents, and community leaders contribute significantly to shaping the future by imparting knowledge, values, and guidance.

Heroes are integral to the human experience as they provide role models, sources of inspiration, and a sense of collective identity. The stories of heroes, whether fictional or real, serve as moral compasses, guiding individuals through challenges and dilemmas. They instill hope and demonstrate that even in the face of adversity, one person’s actions can make a difference. Heroes also contribute to the cultural tapestry of societies, reflecting shared values and aspirations. By celebrating heroism, societies reaffirm the importance of qualities like bravery, compassion, and justice.

Link to apply:

Heroes CALL TO ARTISTS - Florida CraftArt


Thank you in advance!


Lillian Getgen

Gallery Assistant Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

(727) 821-7391

Session 6 starts February 1st

Acrilic Paints

1st Saturday workshop for kids

Happening now in the Arts Community

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