Choosing Your Gear (Pre-workshop seminar):

Wednesday, January 26, 10am - 12pm

Cost: $25 (members/$30 non-members)

Aimed at those who are thinking about buying camera equipment and would like information to help make better decisions tailored to their needs. Will cover pros/cons of different camera types.


Workshop I

Tuesday, February 15 (9:30am – 12pm)

Cost: $80/5 workshops or $20/workshop

Getting Started Right: In this introductory workshop we will cover maximizing image resolution through file settings, mastering focus (practicing good shooting technique as well as choosing the best focus settings for different conditions) and integrating basic artistic principles in composition.


Workshop II

Tuesday, February 22 (9:30am – 12pm)

Exposure Basics: Well-exposed images have shadows and highlights and details in both. In this workshop we examine the “exposure triangle,” three factors that work together to bring light into an image. We then focus on choosing ISO values (sensor sensitivity) for different conditions.


Workshop III

Tuesday, March 1 (9:30am-12pm)

Leveling Up: Using Aperture and Shutter Speed Creatively. Will cover how to adjust aperture settings and how this choice affects depth of field. Will also cover how to adjust shutter speed settings and how these effects are used in art.


Workshop IV

Tuesday, March 8 (9:30am-12pm)

Of Light and Lenses: Will cover basics of how camera lenses work, different kinds of lenses and how lens choice affect field of view. Will also practice recognizing different light situations to improve understanding of how light quality affects image quality.


Workshop V

Tuesday, March 15 (9:30-12pm)

Intermediate Tips and Tricks: This final session covers how and when to use the manual setting on your camera and how to address tricky light situations through use of flash and HDR. Will also discuss photography as a form of storytelling with tips on how to make your story more compelling to viewers.



Photography 101 with Pat Goldberg