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Exploring Color: Color Mixing & Theory

Exploring Color: Color Mixing & Theory


This 5-week  course will help participants gain a deeper understanding of color, how to mix their own paint colors, and how to see color when painting from life or abstractly. Understanding color and learning how to mix your own paint colors is one of the fundamentals of creating more visually interesting and dynamic paintings.


Supplies list:

  • Flat paint brushes (sizes 5-8)

  • Mixed media or wet media sketchbook size at least 7x10”, no larger than 17”

  • Rotating color wheel 

  • Acrylic paint: black, white, red, blue, and yellow

  • Stand-alone mirror


Class 1: Color Basics - 1/31

Class 2: Mixing Neutrals: Blacks, Browns, and Grays 2/7

Class 3: Color in Art History: Josef Albers 2/14

Class 4: Local Color vs. Atmospheric Color 2/21

Class 5: Putting it All Together 2/28

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