Ernesto Blanco


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Marble Surface

About the Artist

Ernesto Blanco - was born and raised in Cuba where he taught Fine Arts at the Professional Academy of Fine Arts “El Alba”, Holguin, Cuba for nearly 30 years. His work became well known in Europe and Canada, and in 2011 he became connected with the Ottawa School of Art in Canada where he lectured and taught art. In 2017, he came to the United States where he has shown his work in many venues. Over the years, he has been honored with many awards in art, printmaking, and photography.

Artist statement: The main focus of my work is the human being as a social entity. I am interested in how the pervasive thought-shaping systems influence the individual and by what means. I think of each person as an amphibious being who is struggling between not just two but three realities: that one which simply "is", independent of what the mind insist on perceiving and interpreting; the other one created as a result of a conditioned perception of "reality"; and, on a more subtle level, the reality created artificially as an external mechanism of control (ideology, culture, politics, economics), which saturates and inundates the individual's life. It's my opinion that the latter constitutes "reality" for the majority of people.

In most of my present works I create a kind of palimpsest, establishing semantic relationship by juxtaposing images and codes used by the mass media, such as publicity and propaganda. I mainly use cutting of written press, as a symbol of that created "reality", which appear as a backdrop in my pieces, on which the human being is represented in different expressions and compositions, stripped of personal attributes and superfluous details, so the image can dialogue freely with the background elements. This encourages the viewer to question and evaluate our role as passive or active participants in society.

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